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Predict (or satirise) the Stevenote and win Insanely Great t-shirts

Nik Fletcher

Insanely Great Tees, purveyors of fine geeky t-shirts, is running a Macworld bonanza. All you need to do is instill laughter, tears or lust for Apple wares via a specially-designed form for Keynote predictions. If you're a winner in one of the three categories ('Humor', 'Imagination' or 'Accuracy') then you'll nab one of IGT's fantastic t-shirts (or possibly three of the t-shirts -- the contest announcement is a little unclear).

In addition to the keynote contest, the folks at Insanely Great have also designed what is likely to be a must-have piece of Macworld schwag: Ambrosia Software t-shirts. As we make our way around the show floor in little over a week's time, we'll be sure to take a detour to admire them. Keep an eye on our Macworld tag for our wall-to-wall coverage from the Moscone Center.

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