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Gory MMO coming to the states in early '08

Do your MMOs lack the blood splattered carnage you've come to love in console action games? Do you enjoy your late night World of Warcraft raids, but wish that you could gib the Amani trolls your party defeats? Good news, gorophiles (that is, people who enjoy gore, not those who harbor erotic fantasies about Goro), Korea-based Gravity Corp, creators of the fairly popular Ragnarok Online, have made an MMORPG to slake your disturbing bloodlust -- the unfortunately titled Requiem: Bloodymare.

The game will feature "intense sequences of bloody and gory graphics," and an intriguing system where giant monsters roam the world when the sun goes down. Though the game's promise to conjure up our "deepest nightmares and fears" fills us with trepidation, we look forward to finding out if MMOs are capable of scoring scares, and also, discovering what the hell a Bloodymare is when the game hits American store shelves early this year.

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