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Miracube G240S ushers in "new generation" of 3D displays


If you're one of us futurists who agree that 2D displays are like, so 2007, you'll be pleased to hear that Pavonine Korea is a company working in three dimensions. Its new generation of 3D LCD displays, codenamed Miracube, are debuting here at CES with improved brightness, viewing angles, viewing distance and pricetags that will reportedly benefit from streamlined manufacturing process. Touted as flicker-free, the Miracube 3D displays sport a wide range of user options including easy switching between 2D and 3D modes. Beyond the obvious professional applications of 3D displays, we're personally looking forward to the day when a Big Daddy leaps directly out of the screen to drill us a new one. Meanwhile, as the Miracube sets its sights on a 3D TV mass consumer market, our advertisers can barely contain themselves at the prospect of being able to reach out and slap your face on rollover.

[Via press release]

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