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Samsung announces slew of upconverting DVD players, recorders

Darren Murph

Can't get enough of Samsung's new gear? Good, because there's plenty more where that came from. Next up on the docket is a half dozen DVD players and recorders, so without further ado, let's check out the DVD-F1080 ($99.99). This "ultra-compact" unit provides 1080p upconversion, HDMI-CEC, progressive scan playback and support for multimedia files including DivX, MP3, WMA and MPEG4. The DVD-HD1080P8 ($89.99) serves up the exact same features as the aforementioned F1080, but does so while residing in a slightly larger chassis. Moving on, we've got the über-slim (14.2-inches wide) DVD-P180 ($49.99), which upscales DVDs to 720p / 1080i, rocks an HDMI-CEC port and also plays nice with DivX. For the rest of the gang, we suggest you head on past the break.

Next in line is the DVD-R175 ($149.99), the first of the bunch to support 1080p DVD upscaling and feature DVD recording. Aside from boasting an EZ Record (read: one-touch) function and providing a front DV input, this unit records to practically every writable DVD out there and touts HDMI 1.3 with CEC, commercial advance / time slip and component pass-throughs. Amazingly enough, the next two units take us back to a simpler time in life, one where VHS players were ubiquitous and the next format war was simply a pipe dream. The DVD-V9800 ($99.99) does indeed rock a dual-format (DVD / VHS) design, but somehow manages to include a totally modern HDMI port as well as 1080p DVD upconversion. As for the DVD-VR375 ($179.99), it combines the recording functionality of the DVD-R175 with the vintage appeal of the DVD-V9800, resulting in a upscaling DVD / VHS player than also stores content to blank DVDs. You can catch the whole lot (or just the one you're eying) this April.

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