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AMD cranks out new Xilleon panel processors, Samsung loves 'em

Darren Murph

If Xilleon rings a bell, yet you don't really recall it being connected to AMD, fret not -- you actually haven't lost it yet. Considering that AMD picked up grossly overpaid for ATI since we last heard of the technology, it's now been shifted to a new owner. As of today, the Xilleon 410, 411, 420 and 421 panel processors are out to "offer motion compensation and frame rate conversion based on AMD's enhanced phase-plane correlation technology," support processing for 100Hz / 120Hz LCD TVs and the ability to "identify incoming 24Hz/60Hz film and video signals and convert them to 120Hz by determining motion between picture frames and intelligently creating additional content frames to represent that in-between motion with exceptional clarity." AMD also seems quite proud that Samsung picked up the aforementioned technology to use in its 20Hz Motion Compensated Frame Interpolation (McFi) solution, so yeah, there's that too.

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