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Iqua intros Bluetooth Snake 2 handsfree system

Darren Murph

We won't fault you if you can't recall the original Iqua Snake handsfree system, but it seems its maker has chosen CES as the venue to launch the long-awaited successor. The Iqua Snake 2 curiously mounts to one's headrest and wraps around to get all upside your grill, which looks mighty 1) dorky and 2) obnoxious, if we may say so ourselves. Nevertheless, the company claims that its design will facilitate clearer conversations and adjust to fit nearly any driver, but we still aren't sold on having a barrier between us and the passenger's seat. Nevertheless, those totally digging it can order one now for around $90, and if you've just got to see more, head on down to Autoblog and take a peek.

[Via Autoblog]

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