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Nokia 3555 coming to T-Mobile too, sez FCC

Chris Ziegler

It's awesome how Nokia's 3555 looks like a giant beatin' stick when it's unfurled, but rest assured, it's little more than a low-end 3G flip. We'd heard a while back that the phone would be finding its way to AT&T to slot in underneath the midrange 6555, and it turns out they're going to try to kill two birds with one clamshell by offering it on T-Mobile, too. Like we said, AT&T's 3555 is 3G ready, and happily, the FCC documentation for this version shows the presence of 1700MHz support implying that it'll rock out on T-Mobile's 3G network just the same -- what few slivers of it are up and running, anyhow. Then again, exactly what is it that we're going to be doing with 3G on that cute little display?

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