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Guildwatch: Caught redhanded, but too late

Mike Schramm

Who could that be? A former officer of Death Squad-- they had some jerk get promoted to officer in their guild, and then grab their stuff and ditch them, leaving them nothing but this log full of stolen items. Not cool. Be careful out there.

Meanwhile, there's lots of other guild news going around the realms, and this column is where we condense it into a smooth, witty form for you every week, and lay it out flat just for you. Click the link below to read this week's GW. And don't forget to send us your tips-- hit up with drama, downed and recruiting news.


  • We reported on Team sYn of Malfurion a while back-- their GL passed off duties to a friend, who then passed them back and caused the guild to disintegrate. All we've got this week is a little more detail on what he did when he came back-- apparently there was a pair in the guild that got promoted to officer status, and that spun a lot of people the wrong way. So lesson (if there even is one, other than don't reinvite an old GL who's already left the guild): be careful who you promote to officer.
  • Kudzu on Underbog kicked out not one but two members recently, supposedly for being "attention whores" (our tipster's words, not mine). Apparently the two members were transgendered and one had recently transferred from another server, and apparently guild members had problems with them making waves in guild chat. Our tipster says the officers were egging them on all the time, but then later determined that the way to "fix" things was by just kicking them out.
  • Can't Quit You on Baelgun-A is supposed to be "a drama-free guild," (aren't they all) but then there's this. Apparently one of their members had an alt named "Buttzlol," that one of the guildies felt was a little too immature to belong in the guild, and asked the alt to /gquit. The forum post then blows up into a condemnation of the guild at large and, despite his best efforts to avoid the "we're getting too hardcore" argument, says they're getting too hardcore. I have to say-- I do admire the guild's efforts to lock the thread up and shut down the drama before it even starts, but guys-- this is WoW. It's serious business. Let that drama fly free! Update: Aww, CQY didn't want to play our game, and deleted the thread. Here's their reaction to our post, though. I laughed at "LEAVE CQY ALONE!"
  • Shadow Covenant on Shattered Hand has been experiencing a migration of its raiders out of the guild and into Versus. It's mostly on good terms, though, we're told-- lots of the raiders just felt SC wasn't progressing the way they wanted it to.
  • This very column was used last week to give an "ultimatum" to Bratach Gheal on Bloodhoof-A-- one of their members emailed us to say that progress wasn't happening, and that the guilds' leaders should kick it up a notch. This week, someone who is presumably one of the guild's leaders emailed and said to "take your ultimatum and shove it, kthxbai." They say that BG has always been a casual friends and family guild, and that they're just fine with taking their sweet time progressing the way they want to. Which is all fine and good by us. Our original tipster is recommended to find greener pastures if he's looking for more progression.
  • Small shakeup in Modus Operandi of Daggerspine, a familiar face in GW's downed section-- Methar has left the guild for Infinity. A few other raiders have left MO lately, but apparently it's all congenial-- they just want a little faster progression, and still want to do a Kara run occasionally to play together. Methar sez: "Thanks guys I'll always be MO in my WoWHeart." That's cute, but needs moar drama!
  • Tiny bit of drama directed at Athanatoi on EU Shatar about the AQ gate opening. The thread doesn't get really good until about page 3, at which point someone accuses the guild of giving titles away, and then it's all downhill from there.
  • Death Squad on Ner'zhul had their guild bank raided by an officer who'd been with them for quite a while. He nabbed it all (see pic above), and then split with his girlfriend. Sadly, a GM told them that there was no way they could get their stuff back. Sorry to hear it, guys, but you seem like a tight guild-- you'll survive it.
  • Interesting story from Glory of War on Lightning's Blade. One of their members (not an officer) offered the guild a 1000g bounty, to go to a random member of the raid that finally downed Gruul, a fight they've been beating their heads up against for a while. The next raid, they had huge attendance (had to turn a few people away), and lo and behold, downed Gruul. And yes, someone walked away with 1,000g. Now, our tipster says that as a guild officer, he doesn't necessarily condone the bounty idea (he wants to assume that they'd have downed Gruul with or without the gold), but he says never to count out greed as a motivator. What do you all think of giving a bounty for a big down?
  • Shinsei on Kilrogg-A dropped Zul'jin on January 1st to start the new year off right! Grats-- now, when trolls say, "Vengeance for Zul'jin," they'll be asking you to attack Shinsei.
  • Scions of Vindication on Garithos-A, and they had an interesting helper to do it: their MT had been DC'ing all night due to what seemed to be an overheating router, so on their last attempt, he put an ice pack right on it. Did the trick-- they finished Curator and picked up the Chess Event loot. Sweet.
  • An Army of Juan (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Cenarion Circle went for the first time into Karazhan (on their first raid as a guild), and downed both Attumen and Moroes. Maiden is on notice. Grats-- welcome to the wonderful world of the endgame!
  • Saints of Elune on Eonar-A downed three bosses in 3 hours in Kara the other night (the third was Maiden), and they did it all with only 9 players. Cool.
  • Bloodlüst of Skywall-H dropped both HKM and Gruul on their first time into the lair after making it through ZA without 25 man gear. Grats!
  • Armageddon Korps downed Gruul for the first time. They're also recruiting DPS and prot warriors, a shadow priest, and two hunters who aren't noobs.
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A (I guess not the MO in the drama section) has gotten the coveted 5/6 and 3/4. Vashj is on notice!
  • Imminent Rueage on Thorium Brotherhood downed both HKM and Nalorakk, who, I assume, rued the day they ever stepped foot in an instance.
  • Despised on Duskwood cleared out Gruul's on their first attempt ever. Noice!
  • Order of the Raven on Aggramar has downed Illidan for a server first. They also say they've "beaten the game," but only if you've beaten Hyjal, guys. And Sunwell is just around the corner-- don't hold on too tight to those crowns, but do enjoy 'em while you've gotten them.
  • Redeemed on Burning Blade-A formed four weeks ago and has downed lots of bosses since then: HAS, Alar, Lurker, Hydross, and Leotheras. Also, they're seeking a enhance shammy and a prot paladin. Don't you love raiding jargon?
  • Vox Noctis on Hyjal-A is recruiting all classes but hunters. They're working on bringing up their raiding nights from 3 to 5 nights a week. If you're interested in raiding with them in SSC and TK, look them up.
  • Eternal Guardians on Frostmane is a casual guild that just put Kara on farm, and is recruiting all classes for 25-man raiding, specifically prot warriors, resto druids, and any type of rogues, shammies, priests, and locks.
  • Outcasts on Lightbringer-A is seeking raiders (and they do mean raiders, not just folks wanting to hang out) to help progression past Kara and into ZA and the 25 mans.
  • Not necessarily a recruiting notice, but a tipster wanted to send a shout out to Horde Enforcement on Norgannon-- he says they're a very welcoming, inclusive guild, and that the officers and members are always ready to help out both newbies and leveling alts. Shout out, he says, to Spankit, Zanina, Unhollypally, Nonphixional and all of the rest of the guild from Heipher the Cow.
  • Spectacular Death on Silvermoon, we're told, was named after the GL's tendency to find those all over the place in Azeroth and Outland. It's a casual retro raiding guild-- they're starting with Onyxia at the end of the month, and raiding all the old content up to Kara and the current endgame. They're currently recruiting level 53 and up to come with them.
  • The League of Assassins on Silver Hand is looking for recuits at all levels and classes who are interested in leveling and improving the skills in fun and relaxed guild.
  • Gone to Plaid on Kel'thuzad-H is farming Kara and is experienced in ZA and Gruul's-- they're looking for a few good raiders to fill out ranks for 25mans.
  • Templar Knights of Shandris finished off Illhoof and Prince in Karazhan, and are now looking for healers and good DPS to fill out a second Karazhan group.
  • Team Punishment on Dentarg is recruiting, and about to hit their one year anniversary. They have everything you'd want in a guild-- a weekly lottery, a guild bank, and a website.
  • Dysthymia on EU Aggramar is a group of players that just transferred from the Darkspear server. They've had Kara on farm, and are now looking for new members around Gruul's and starting SSC/TK. They're seeking every class, but please be geared up to the level and ready to go.
That's it for GW this week-- remember, please send your tips in for downed, drama, and recruiting news to Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

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