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Delphi shows off dual-view nav systems at CES

Nilay Patel

We're totally enamored of dual-view displays, and Delphi's demoing a dual-view nav system at CES that shows a GPS display to the driver and video to the passenger. Unlike TI's dual-view DLP rig, there are no dorky glasses required for Delphi's system to work -- it uses something called a "parallax barrier" and a special TFT LCD to do its simul-screen trick, and it includes driver's seat weight sensors to shut off the video content if your chauffeur leans over to sneak a peek. That sounds a lot like it just shows one thing to the left side and another to right -- which means sitting behind the driver just became the new bitch seat, no?

Update: We've pretty certain this is the Sharp tech GM signed up for back in 2005 -- strange that it's taken two years for GM to add a couple weight sensors and ship it out to Delphi.

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