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EVGA shows off USB monitor adapter, InterView dual-screen display


Those looking for some added desktop real estate may want to keep an eye on what EVGA has in store, as the company has just taken the wraps off two upcoming products that take considerably different approaches to expand your view of things. The first is a rather standard USB monitor adapter, dubbed the EVGA UV Plus+, which will apparently be available in both standard and widescreen-capable versions (as opposed to one that does both). The former of those will give you a max resolution 1280x1024, while the latter maxes out at a decent 1680x1050, with each boasting a single DVI port and support for full 32-bit color depth. Taking another tact is the company's so-called InterView display (pictured after the break), which consists of two 17-inch monitors that can be folded together for toting around. Those'll give you a combined 2880x900 resolution, along with a 500:1 contrast ratio and an 8ms response time. On a somewhat related front, EVGA also took the opportunity to show off its latest motherboard, which may be most notable simply for its name: the EVGA 780i SLI FTW (we kid you not.)

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