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Leading casual raids, and doing it well

Mike Schramm

This must be the season for casual raiding leaders to get their tips-- both Clockwork Gamer and Sanya Weathers at Guildcafe recently posted some great tips for raidleaders in charge of making sure that dragon ends up dead at the end of the night. If you've found yourself in charge of a large group of MMO characters recently, both writeups are worth a read for sure-- the tips range from the practical (start earlier than you plan, because things will take longer to get started than you think) to the emotional (keep it fun, address drama when it happens, and make sure everyone remembers that these are not the only epic drops they'll ever see).

Raidleading is a tough little pasttime, and casual raidleading more than anything-- people are on your raid with all kinds of different reasons and a larger variation of abilities and gear. I especially like Clockwork Gamer's mantra: "raiding is dying," and that's truer with casual raiding than anything else, in any MMO you play in. It's not easy to be a casual raidleader, but these tips will definitely help you get to where it's worth it: a big down on a progression night.

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