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Motorstorm 2 gains a new GUI from scratch

Nick Doerr

We love graphical user interfaces. Especially when we're told about Evolution Studios' new GUI that will be in place for Motorstorm 2. This isn't going to be some remodeling of what was in the original title, or some minor tweaks. This is a complete overhaul from scratch to bring you the best GUI possible. Which is good, very good, as the first Motorstorm had some pretty icky problems in that regard originally.

Apparently the new GUI design is artistic and functional -- two attributes you'd expect. We don't have any screenshots of it because it's still in its rough stages, but Evolution is sicking their graphic design team on the job as we speak so perhaps soon we'll have more to show you. For Motorstorm fanatics, this is probably cool news and you'll derive some pleasure from witnessing the new GUI. As an old Calculus teacher told us, "Friends don't let friends drink and derive." Relevant? Not at all. Funny? You bet.

[via NeoGAF]

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