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Populous: Demon days


In Populous DS, you do your society-building stuff as one of five elemental gods. Each god has a counterpart demon who comes by and gets all up in your business (which is civilization). These demons look similar to the player's god characters, but all evil and such. For example, the plant goddess looks like she's dressed in greenery, while the plant demon has all kinds of twisted tendrils and stuff coming out of her arms. The rest of the demons, similarly, look fit for inclusion on a Dio album cover.

To combat these celestial jerks, and to help shape your land, your character has access to special elemental "miracles." These include earthquakes, gusts of wind, and even a mass growth of mushrooms that can be used to cure viruses.

GAME Watch has character art of all the demons, along with screens that show the effects of the miracles. It's still Populous, so think more "the grid looking just like it always does, but some squares turn a different color" and less "amazing graphical effects."


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