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Harsher penalties for AV AFKers

Eliah Hecht

Leeching in Alterac Valley -- or, as Blizzard puts it, "non-participation in Battleground games" -- has been a problem for about as long as the new Honor system has been in place (not so new now). In patch 2.2, a feature was put in place where players who were obviously not participating could be reported, and would end up getting a debuff if they got enough reports. This helped, but the problem is far from solved. Many people think the debuff is simply not a strong enough penalty to defer the unscrupulous from reaping free honor.

Well, if you are one of those people, you should be pleased. Bornakk just announced that, as of right now, warnings and penalties will be issued to those who receive too many reports. The penalties include account suspensions and the removal of honor points and honor rewards. He says they'll be "taking action against thousands of accounts immediately," and of course we are all reminded to keep on reporting people that seem to be out of the action for too long. This looks like a big step in the right direction. Will the AFKer problems be solved, or are additional measures required? I guess we'll see.

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