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CES 2008: The best of set-top boxes

Ben Drawbaugh

At this year's CES we saw what might be the end of set-top boxes, -- at least for cable boxes -- but there will always be some extra feature that isn't built into your HDTV that you want. The most exciting new set-top box at this year's CES is the Slingbox PRO HD, which means we can finally watch any HD content in our house wherever we want -- including via our high-speed internet connection. The new Moto boxes promise an MPEG-4 future for cable and the new Dish DVR should help bring their HD DVR prices down. Last up, was the VUDU LX, and while we weren't sure who'd pay $400 for such a device, we just can't imagine someone would pay $1000, but hey, at least it has an IR port now.

Hands-on with the EchoStar TR-40 and TR-50 converter boxes
Sling Media's Slingbox PRO HD, SlingPlayer for BlackBerry announced
Sling announces SlingCatcher (again), SlingPlayer 2.0 with Clip+Sling, and Sling Cable modem
Dish's new ViP612 - like the ViP622, but now with less
DirecTV intros dual ATSC tuner AM21 to piggyback HR21
Hands-on with Motorola DCX series MPEG-4 cable STB
Hands-on with the pricey VUDU XL

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