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Rock Band Stage Kit coming to GameStop in June

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We're not exactly sure how to react to the recent announcement of the Rock Band Stage Kit, a peripheral for the already peripheral-heavy rhythm game. It's meant to enhance your experience with a (supposedly) fully synchronized light and smoke stage show -- we imagine the only thing it will truly enhance is your sense of regret, which will sink in when you realize that you'll never see that $99.99 ever again.

At the same time, the idea of complete immersion into one of our favorite games of last year excites us to no end -- we only hope they release themed stage kits shortly after the first kit tanks. Perhaps a Flaming Lips kit, complete with costumed fly dancers and two-hundred pounds of confetti? Or, better yet, a GWAR kit, stuffed full of giant rubber wangs and Hitler masks. Can peripherals get an AO rating?

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