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Saturn aims for 2010 with plug-in hybrid Vue Green Line -- take that, Toyota

Darren Murph

Just as Toyota saw fit to pimp its own forthcoming plug-in hybrid, General Motors is hitting back with "hopes" to produce a similarly equipped Saturn Vue Green Line in 2010 as well. We know, GM doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to delivering on time, but you say what you have to in order to keep up, right? Nevertheless, this vehicle is slated to house a "modified version of GM's two-mode hybrid system and plug-in technology" along with an obligatory Li-ion, and current testing has shown it able to traverse ten miles at "low speeds" when running on battery power alone. It's also stated that the SUV can be fully recharged in just under five hours, but alas, GM isn't opening its mouth even a little to address pricing expectations. Hit the read link for a gallery of photos -- who knows when you'll see it in the flesh.

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