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Ubuntu gets squeezed onto the OLPC XO, with details


Those looking for something a little less nostalgic than the Amiga OS to put on their OLPC XO may want to head over to the always handy OLPC News website, which now has not one but two step-by-step tutorials for installing Ubuntu on the little green laptop. As you might guess, however, neither option is exactly the most straightforward of OS installs, but they should be easy enough for anyone with a little Linux experience under their belt. Of course, given the OLPC's somewhat limited capabilities, you'll also need more than just the laptop and an Ubuntu CD to get things rolling -- namely, a USB drive or SD card with at least 600MB of space and another computer running Linux -- but we're guessing those requirements won't be much of a problem for anyone considering the move to a decidedly less kid-friendly OS.

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