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About the bloggers: Brian Karasek

Brian Karasek

What do you do for WoW Insider?

I just recently started as a blogger here. I focus mostly on Engineering. I try to take a mostly in character approach, as though I'm writing not just an article for WoW players but an actual training lecture for Engineers.

Outside of WoW Insider, you might also know me as Palehoof, if you read the official forums.

What's your main right now?

I play, as I have for three years, a Tauren Hunter named Palehoof, currently on Lightninghoof (RPPVP). I'm a niche market gamer, and always have been. My first main was a Tauren Hunter named Palehoof on Kel'thuzad (PVP), and I played him for a year before rerolling him as essentially the exact same character when a new RPPVP server opened. The wisdom of leveling one hunter to 59 before starting the same hunter over again has been mentioned to me.

Palehoof is a Gnomish Engineer with mining, having 375 in both, as well as fishing, cooking, and first aid. I've been into Karazhan enough to get some loot, but not enough that I'd call myself a raider or even a regular. I call myself a second string filler DPS/CC. That's how I've gotten into Kara most times, a friend will ask if I can fill in for them on one boss. I've had excellent luck with that sort of run.

For the Horde or Glory to the Alliance?

For the Horde, to be sure. Though I confess three years of Gnomish Engineering has given me a healthy appreciation for the little folk. I've founded a trade federation, the Society of Taurens Opposed to Miniscules' Persecution. It's intended to establish trade relations between the gnomes and taurens of Lightninghoof, based on a mutual appreciation of Engineering. Unfortunately, gnomes don't appreciate taurens. A tauren running at a gnome waving his gun around while shouting "S.T.O.M.P." doesn't always come across well. Membership in the Society has peaked.

Favorite thing to do in Azeroth?

Azeroth is host to the finest forge in the known worlds: Thunder Bluff. Just a quick run from the bank, the auction house, and the mailbox, Thunder Bluff's forgeworks are the envy of major cities across the spheres. I confess a fondness for the occasional SM run, too. There's nothing so charming as the look in a level 30 paladin's eye when you answer their LFG with "I'll be your three more if you like." Stratholme's pretty fun at 70, too. After a certain amount of grinding in Outland, I think it becomes less a matter of what you're killing, and more a matter of how fun it is to work with the group you're killing with.

What's the best instance in the game?

For me it's got to be Steam Vaults. That's a very personal choice though, and it's for very selfish reasons. Warlord Kalithresh drops two Beast Lord pieces, so it's a great run for a hunter. Mekgineer Steamrigger drops a nice gun as well as an Engineering schematic, so that's not bad either. Plus, you're getting Cenarion reputation which leads to a great head enchant as well as some nice arrows. Last and perhaps least, there's always a gas cloud near Mekgineer Steamrigger, so there's a couple free motes every run for me!

What's the number one thing Blizzard could do better?


What's your favorite mount?

The Palecopter.

When I'm not playing WoW, I'm...

Living in the woods in a log cabin with my wife, two dogs, and two cats.

What accomplishment in-game are you most proud of?

Consortium Exalted. It was the first faction I reached Exalted with, for purely roleplay reasons. And they STILL won't teach me anything more complicated than Elemental Seaforium.

If you could add one touch of personal flair to your main, what would it be?

Geargrinder's Hostile Opponent/Object Flattener:
Requires Gnomish Engineering 375 to make and use
Binds on Equip
+150 Armor, +20 STA, +15 STR, +10 AGI
Equip: Gain 10% to resist snare/knockback effects

Use: The H.O./O.F. is designed to give an Engineer a stronger base of support in battle. Its sturdy hooflike base and low center of gravity make it harder for opponents to knock the Engineer down, while the smooth polished surface and sharp edges around the hoof make it harder for the Engineer to be snared by clinging vines or tricky Hunter traps. When activated, the H.O./O.F.'s pneumatic drive kicks in, raising the metal hoof and driving it down into the ground. This effect deals 123 to 142 Nature damage to all enemies within 8 yards, with a 20% chance of also stunning those enemies for 2 seconds. Has a 15 minute cooldown.

Chance of Failure: The H.O./O.F.'s pneumatic stomper overpressurizes before release, causing the stomp effect to fire with undue force. The result? The Engineer stomps his foot, launching himself into the air! Enemies are not stunned nor damaged by this result, but they may be stunned at the sight of the Engineer catapulting into the air. Due to the configuration of the H.O./O.F. the thrust is always perpendicular to the ground, so the Engineer is always launched straight up. How high the Engineer is launched depends largely on whether or not there is a roof over his head at the moment of failure. The Engineer may need to make plans for how to return safely to the ground in the event of a failure of the H.O./O.F.

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