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iPhone January update, coming soon to an iTunes near you


I don't know about you all, but considering I'm not in the market for a pricey, tiny notebook, and I don't need yet another thing hooked up to my TV, the best news I heard at the Keynote today was about this iPhone "January update" (does that mean there'll be one every month?) coming soon to your iTunes. Included in the free update to iPhone users:
  • An updated Maps that will actually find your location automatically by triangulating cell towers (we saw this a while ago), and give you the option to add a pin to the map
  • Web Clips, cutouts of web pages that you can attach to an icon sitting right there on the homescreen.
  • A customizable homescreen and dock (just hold an icon to get them wiggling, and then move them around as you please), and up to nine homescreen pages total
  • The update will also add chapter navigation for iPhone video, and subtitle/audio options as well.
  • And though the readers in our IRC channel weren't very impressed with this one, the iPhone will now feature multiple SMS sending.
Very awesome update for the iPhone, completely free and available on download in iTunes right now (!), and definitely an update that will set the stage for all the third party applications we're supposed to see next month. Bring on the SDK!

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