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The Daily Grind: Do the little things bother you?


There's a fun little rant over at about a couple of the odd annoyances that questers experience in World of Warcraft, like the infrequency of loot drops and the relatively slow traveling speed sans mounts. A favorite line: 'Did I just kill a mutated Raptor whose brain was held in with just the skin on its head?' As a Tauren Druid, I know exactly the quest he's talking about, and yeah, it's something I wondered about myself, briefly.

But these things differ from game to game, and no game ever gets everything completely right. These little quirks are things that the quester must simply grin and bear, trusting in the larger picture to make more sense as an objective. Or is it that cut-and-dried?

Have you ever quit playing a game because of too many of these weird little quests? Does there need to be more reason in what you do? Do you even bother to look at the mission description?

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