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Codemasters to reveal new MMO in March

Samuel Axon

Codemasters -- the U.K. company that runs DDO, LotRO, RF Online, and ArchLord in the European market -- has announced a coming announcement. Is that anything like having a meeting to talk about having a meeting?

Wisecracks aside, here's what the folks at Codemasters want every one to know: they will be announcing a new MMO at the Connect 2008 event in March. Connect 2008 is Codemasters' own online gaming expo of sorts. It will take place in Birmingham. Oh, and the game will be playable at the event, too. If you're in the U.K. and you're an avid player of one of Codemasters' games, it might be worth a trip.

So mark your calendars for March 14th; then and only then will we know what this mysterious European release is! There's a sign-up sheet for event-related news alerts in case you want to be really, really on top of this, but rest assured that we'll bring you all the info as soon as it comes.

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