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JVC's Everio GZ-MG740 adds 10GB more disk, calls itself king


We're not sure why JVC didn't announce their new Everio ¥100,000 GZ-MG740 (about $942) last week with all their other models. Nevertheless, the new 40GB peer to the 30GB GZ-MG730 was just announced in Japan. Other than the disk bump (and "Victor" not "JVC" badge), it's a spec-for-spec twin to the 7.38-megapixel model MG730 which shoots 720 x 480 pixel video -- right on down to that tiny 1.3-inch hard disk. That makes it the flagship model of their non-HD shooters. But you don't really care about non-HD camcorders anymore do you? No worries, we can respect that.

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