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LittleBigPlanet public beta still coming

Justin McElroy

When the fall 2007 target date for a LittleBigPlanet demo came and went we were sad, but when we heard the full game had been bumped from spring 2008 to September, we were downright despondent. Thankfully, the Sony staffer in this video is there to comfort us, promising that a public beta for the game is still in the works and that it will arrive early enough before the final product so that changes can be made. (What does that feel like to you? Late spring? Early summer? Yeah, we're thinking something along those lines.)

Though the levels you create in the beta won't be on the disc, they will be populating the servers of the game as soon as you greedily tear it open later this year. Oh, before we forget, we should mention this video isn't just any dry nugget of information, it's been coated in a delicious gameplay video shell. Enjoy with our compliments.

[Via PS3F]

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