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Snug systems and clean screens

Eric Caoili

Similar to the Touchpen Leashes we featured last month, Freedom's drawstring pouch ties onto the back of your Nintendo DS, tagging along with your handheld until you undo the convenient clasp. The case's thin fabric -- available in black, red, blue, and white -- doesn't look like it'll protect your DS from anything more serious than a few scratches, but it also serves as a screen and system wipe. Double your features, double your fun! Check out more photos of the case and its color variations after the jump.

Freedom's Cleaner x Pouch sells for 680 yen (approximately $6.20), but we haven't seen the product listed at any non-Japanese retailers yet. We'll keep an eye on the usual import shops, and we'll let you know if we see these pop up!

[Via Game Watch]

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