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Kindly check the mail: Big Daddies are en route

Justin McElroy

If you've got a Big Daddy figure who's been suffering from Drill Dysfunction, you'll be happy to hear that we've heard from several tipsters that replacements for the figurines are being sent out, just four short months after the game was initially released. Not that you've forgotten, but you'll also be treated to the BioShock-themed art book "Breaking the Mold."

Sadly, you'll no longer be required to send in your old Big Daddy as verification that he was, indeed, a DD suffer. We say sadly because we can't shake the image of a broken-drilled Little Daddy staring out the window while your new one flies around the room with cries of "To infinity and beyond!" Let's try to remember who was in your hearts first and make him feel included, OK?

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