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Play PC games on your PS3 with StreamMyGame


We're not just ragging on the PS3 when we say this -- we're all admittedly going through a bit of a video game drought. Perhaps there's a few PC games from last year's surplus that you'd like to play, but you've recently developed serious allergies to computer monitors ... and you lack the appropriate cables to hook your PC up to your television. Okay, the requirements for the StreamMyGame service to be useful are somewhat outlandish, but at least you have the option now, right?

The service lets you stream games running on your Windows or Linux PC onto your Linux-enabled PS3 via a LAN. It's not as complicated as it sounds, and is completely free of charge -- plus, imagine how freaked out your friends will be when they walk in the room and see you running Halo 2 off your PS3. Tell them it's the new PS360, and cackle maniacally as they run to Best Buy to get their own.

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