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Charcoal is the new black: Test Fest '08 details

Chris Chester

As they promised last week, the Tabula Rasa community crew has finally released the details for Test Fest '08, their new promotion to encourage players to take an active role in keeping TR bug free. Starting January 21 (that's today) through January 28, any player with an active account who logs two or more hours on the public test server will receive 10x "Charcoal Colored Armor Dye" on February 14. Gamers as a group probably have more angst per capita than the general population, and the concurrent desire for black digs has gone unmet so far by Destination Games. There's no black armor dye of any sort in the game right now; it's mostly a mixture of horrible looking pastels and bright fluorescent colors. Now, why they would choose to give us the black armor dye on Valentine's Day of all days is beyond me, but sometimes it's better not to ask questions and take the goodies when somebody offers them to you.

As an amusing aside, it's interesting to note how what was previously referred to as "Black Armor Dye" in the official materials has undergone a sudden shift to being referred to as "Charcoal Colored Armor Dye." Methinks somebody over at the Tabula Rasa team realized what a horrible faux pas it was to have an announcement for "black" armor dye on Martin Luther King Day, of all days. This is further supported by the fact that they sort of buried the announcement within the Weekend Wrapup. What was once a big exciting promotion is now a one sentence blurb hidden amongst other smaller announcements. Oops!

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