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Rock Band Weekly: An Oasis of music


Barring any major change out of spite that the rest of January's Rock Band downloadable songs were revealed last week, we're pretty confident that the Oasis Pack will hit the consoles on their respective days. As we still get asked this question, let's review DLC availability days: Rock Band DLC is Tuesday for Xbox 360 and Thursday for PS3. Don't look back in anger at us, those are the days chosen by the overlords. In honor of this week's Rock Band DLC please implement some over-the-top sibling rivalry before downloading and playing any of the songs.

Oasis Pack (440 MS points/ $5.50)
  • Don't Look Back in Anger (160 MS points/ $2)
  • Live Forever (160 MS points/ $2)
  • Wonderwall (160 MS Points / $2)
Check out our wonderwall of videos after the break in the hopes of making informed downloading decisions.

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