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MacHeads: The movie


Perhaps you've seen the documentary Trekkies. Hosted by the late Tasha Yar (curse you, Armus!), it profiles several of the show's most zealous fans and by that I mean people with serious mental disorders. Did you see what they did to that poor truck? None of us would get so carried away with our Apple fandom.

Just a minute. Before you set your phasers to Smug, check out the trailer for MacHeads: The Movie. It feels like a cross between Trekkies and Leander Kahney's The Cult of Mac. Several users proclaim their love, including the guy with the tattoos and the girl who states in no uncertain terms that she has never slept with a Windows user.

A few Mac celebs appear as well, including the man who isn't America's least-beloved technology pundit. The movie looks awesome, and we can't wait to see it. Not that we're obsessed or anything.


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