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Madden Bowl celebrates the Super Bowl on Live

Dustin Burg

EA, Madden 08 and Xbox Live are teaming up to make this year's Super Bowl the best it can be with a Live event called Madden Bowl! Kicking off (huzzah!) Thursday, January 31st and running through February 3rd will be all kinds of Xbox Live activities including playtime with the developers of both Madden 08 and NFL Tour, playtime with various community groups and celebrity playtime with, well, celebrities. And no Xbox Live event can be official without a Play & Win (it's an unwritten rule), so Madden Bowl has that too. A Play & Win where you can win autographed goods and a trip to EA Sports' NFL draft event in New York City. Registration is open online or you can download the exclusive Madden Bowl gamer picture off the XBLM. Full details after the jump.

Go Madden Bowl, go Super Bowl XLII and go Patriots go! Brady FTW!

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