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Patch 2.3.3 glitches

Marcie Knox

With the advent of Patch 2.3.3 yesterday, there have been reports of unusual behavior. A few people in my guild say that while the load times might be shorter, when they do log in, everyone is naked. I DC'd twice last night standing in Shatt (which never happens), and the World Server took a dirt nap for a bit. Sadly for one rogue I know, the WS went down exactly as she was swapping gear for a BG, effectively destroying her Belt of One-Hundred Deaths. GM ticket? She has it!

Over on WoW Ladies, a few players have reported that after downloading the patch yesterday afternoon, they couldn't play WoW at all. Either they couldn't connect or would get fatal errors. After contacting Blizz customer service, they were instructed to reinstall the entire game. Since then a hotfix has been issued that seems to have corrected the problem.

Did you experience any patch bugs or has it been smooth sailing?

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