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Studio nDreams announces plans with Sony

Nick Doerr

We're always excited when a new studio forms and plots its plan of attack for the video game industry. We're a couple of years late, though. nDreams formed in 2006 thanks to former SCi/Eidos creative director, Patrick O'Luanaigh, but hasn't really done anything yet. However, they've wrapped up a deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and we have no idea what to expect.

nDreams was listed in Develop magazine as one of the hot companies to look for in 2008. Apparently they craft stories and games in ways that push the envelope, or go against the formula, or something. But what caught our eye is their ability to work with advertisers. Maybe SCEE wants a game or two, but maybe Sony itself wants to get some help in attracting advertisers to the PlayStation Network, particularly Home. It's anyone's guess until we get more information.

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