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First screen of possible Team ICO project: the chain


Sony has replaced muddled sketches with what appears to be an actual screenshot of the next Team ICO project. The image accompanies several job postings (for planners, animators, artists, etc.) and has been affectionately dubbed "ICO 3" by Team ICO Gamers, referring to Team ICO's mysterious third game, which may be a sequel to Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, or maybe both.

While the chain presently does little more than excite our continued curiosity, the appearance of the screenshot gives credence to hopes for a surprise visit from Team ICO at GDC next month. At the end of 2007, ICO lead designer Fumito Ueda teased, "We're looking forward to the day we can reveal our current title(s) in production. Hopefully it will be very soon."

[Via Team ICO Gamers]

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