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Metareview - Burnout Paradise (PS3, Xbox 360)

Justin McElroy

The reviews are starting to come in for Burnout Paradise, and we're beginning to notice a pattern. While most aspects of the game (controls, graphics) are getting slathered with praise, the game's open-world-as-menu system is proving to be fairly divisive. But it seems like even the biggest haters weren't put off enough by it to ignore all of Burnout Paradise's other strengths.
  • 1UP (90/100): "As someone who's closely followed Criterion's racing series for the last seven years, it warms my heart to see it evolve into something as innovative, satisfying, and polished as Burnout: Paradise. ... while the most recent franchise offerings (Revenge and Dominator) feel like playin'-it-safe rehashes, Paradise brilliantly reimagines Burnout as a go-anywhere, do-anything open-world adventure in the vein of Grand Theft Auto."
  • Eurogamer (80/100): "Once you (reluctantly) adapt to the demands of the game, a massive amount of fun awaits. Burnout Paradise isn't everything it could have been, but what's here is still worthy of serious consideration for anyone hell-bent on demented arcade thrills."
  • GameTap (90/100): "And driving in Burnout--having the freedom to do nothing at all--is amazingly addictively fun. The open world is an evolution that keeps this from becoming a series that has only minor changes from year to year, and it's executed really well, with graphics that are still gorgeous and a frame rate that runs as smoothly as butter. I love this new format and can't imagine going back."

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