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Sony Ericsson M610i may not be released, but it's reviewed

Chris Ziegler

Pay close attention here -- odds are this is as close as you'll ever get to the mythical M610i from Sony Ericsson. For most of us, that's just fine, but for others, this could be a pretty heart-wrenching 9 minutes and 28 seconds as our Polish reviewer takes us through a painstakingly detailed rundown of the stillborn UIQ handset's hardware and software. The video's host takes note that the phone features WiFi, an Opera-based browser (labeled as "experimental" but flawless in real-world use), a 208MHz processor, 128MB of RAM along with about 181MB of user storage, and Bluetooth; what the phone doesn't feature is a camera, and that's what would've made the device a potentially compelling choice for buttoned-up business types that can't have a cameraphone (read: P1i) on the premises. Keep your chins up, though, UIQ faithful -- this thing's so stale at this point that we've gotta believe there's already something better in the pipe.


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