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Many TUAW readers, I would assume, are in either employed by, or dabble in, the creative pursuits. This means from time to time you have to fire up an illustration program, or design something using a color scheme. Luckily, I spend most of my time writing, not designing. I am mildly colorblind, and have very poor color sense (if you've watched any of our videos from Macworld featuring me you know I'm not kidding) so picking the right color scheme for anything is often beyond my feeble talents. That's why I was so very excited when I first heard of kuler.

kuler is a rather cool Flash web app, from the fine folks at Adobe, that makes it simple to pick a pleasing color combination. Even better, if lets you save your combo and share it with the rest of the kuler users, who can rate the combos and find one that is just right for that Knight Rider tribute website they are working on.

But, I hear you asking, what the heck does this have to do with Macs? Well, my impatient reader, let me tell you about Mondrianum. Mondrianum is a cool plugin for your Mac that lets you access kuler combinations from within any app that has a color palette available. You can search kuler combos, see the highest rate, the most popular, or the most recent additions and you can even save favorite colors in little wells at the bottom of the window.

Mondrianum (which is a very clever name) is currently in beta and only works with Leopard.

[via Drawn!]

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