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EXCLUSIVE: TUAW Hands-on with the Zeiss Cinemizer, 3D goggles for your iPod


There have been plenty of attempts at LCD glasses, iPod goggles, 3D eyewear, and even a hacked iPod cyborg model, but the Zeiss Cinemizer is a little different. First of all, if the name Zeiss looks familiar, it should be. That's Carl Zeiss, one of the most respected names in optics. The Cinemizer, as a result, has a pristine viewing experience, but perhaps more importantly, doesn't suffer from the front-heavy, nose-jamming weight you find on previous offerings.

The Cinemizer supports 3D (if the video is 3D to begin with), and has a battery/control system that's about as elegant as you're going to get with something you have to strap your iPod into. Check out the video as Mike puts it through the paces. Unfortunately our "mind's eye" adapter was in the shop, so you won't be seeing what Mike sees, but his description and facial contortions are hilarious ample enough.

(Video after the jump)

UPDATE: I got confused this morning and didn't set the Viddler video to "public" which meant I had to go with Blip at the last moment. I've substituted the Blip embed for the Viddler one, because I really like Viddler's comment system. Enjoy!

You can always see it elsewhere: YouTube, DailyMotion, and Crackle

Our friends at iLounge have some swanky pics of the device as well.

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