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WRUP: Last days of January edition

Mike Schramm

Can you believe January is almost already over? Time flies, as they say, when you're playing MMOs. Wait-- that's what they say, isn't it?

This weekend, I'm going to be playing lots of Burnout Paradise, which actually has a lot of MMO qualities. The online gameplay is exquisite, and Criterion did a great job of tracking everything (and I mean everything) you do, and even then displaying that information to the people you're playing against. Before a race, it'll say things like "toucansamurai has 40 online takedowns," and the in-game narration will even taunt you to try and battle against certain players. Very awesome. It doesn't have a persistent world, per se (although many of the things you destroy do remain destroyed, I guess, even if other players don't see them that way), so it's not really an MMO in the strictest sense of the word. But for a racing game, it does a lot of online things just right.

And of course, like everyone else, I find myself drawn back yet again to World of Warcraft. My Night Elf Hunter isn't leveling itself, unfortunately. What aRe yoU Playing this weekend in the world of MMOs?

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