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From PvE to PvP, my first 15 levels


I am a long time PvE supporter. The last time I played on a PvP server was two years ago when I created an alt to get a hold of a friend. I've never really enjoyed the idea of getting ganked as I try to level my lowbie toon. It just didn't seem fun for some reason. So in an effort to expand my WoW horizons, I'm headed off to create a shaman on a PvP server. In fact, not just a PvP server, an RPPvP server. This should really push my limits and make me look at things in new ways.

There has been a lot that I've heard over the years about PvP servers: how awful it is to level a toon, how hard it is to find a group, having to find hiding places to log off at, never being able to complete some quests, etc... Then there is the ultimate insult to those of us that play on PvE servers: PvE carebears. Of course, having grown up in the eighties, I fail to see how that's an insult.

What follows is my personal account of the trials and tribulations from level 1 to 15, PvP style.

So I start out at level 1, a small Troll Shaman. Using whatever gray or white two handed staff I can get my hands on, I go forth into the world and start killing. After a few million boars are dead, I'm level 10. Nothing really different from the PvE game. Heading into The Barrens, I'm greeted with the infamous Barrens Chat. Good times had by all but me, off goes general chat. What's this? A quest to Ratchet. Off I go.


A nice level seventy Alliance warrior (who shall remain nameless) was waiting for me on the way. I die. I rez. And I die again. Go and get a cup of coffee, and he's gone by the time I get back. Thank God.

I noticed some of the gear he had on, like pally legs from Underbog, Azureplate Greaves. On a warrior. Huh... he must be confused and gets his jollies from killing lowbie horde toon. Fair enough.

Ratchet is almost empty, expect when a group of level 30ish Alliance come by. I'm killed by them too. Annoying.

But luckily for me, that's the last of my deaths today. I finish out the first 15 levels on my shaman in a little over seven hours played. Not too bad a time, given all the death.

Next week I'm sure will be more interesting as I head to level 30. I'm going to need some help with this transition to PvP servers, I'm sure. So for your PvP server vets out there, what are some of your tips and and suggestions?

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