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New site chronicles co-op gaming

Kyle Orland

Sometimes you just get tired of killing your friends. Many game-makers might find this shocking, but it's true -- sometimes you want to band together with your buds to take on the world (or the computer-controlled AI, at least). Unfortunately, unless you're willing to scour the web for news of co-op modes, you might find you can't get no cooperation if you tried.

Enter Co-optimus, a new site founded by Evil Avatar Editor-in-chief Nicholas Puleo to gather together information on all forms of co-operative gaming. The site currently lists over 120 co-op games for current systems, including over 100 released in 2007. It's a great resource, but we're a little bummed that the site doesn't list older systems yet. You haven't lived until you've seen a "co-operative" game of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers turn into a battle to throw your partner into as many enemies as possible. Good times.

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