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Rez HD and Chessmaster Live storm XBLA this Wed

Dustin Burg

In a big old Xbox Live Arcade letdown, this week we get two games that we raise one less then enthusiastic thumbs up to. Yeah, we know we've been covering the release rumors a whole bunch last week, now they're officially confirmed and ... well, whoopee? We're of course talking about Chessmaster Live and (big yawn) Rez HD releasing to the XBLA this Wednesday, January 30th. Yup, sad huh? We know, we know, weeks like this really suck and you'd think Microsoft could wrangle together at least one enjoyable Arcade game a week, but we've been screwed again. You'll just have to settle for a 800 Microsoft point game of Chessmaster Live or (eww) Rez HD. On behalf of Microsoft, we're sorry.

KIDDING! Rez freakin' HD is coming to the XBLA in two days kids! Hear that? Rez HD is coming Wednesday! Free drinks on Richard! Get pumped up fanboys and put fresh batteries in those controllers, because Rez HD is but a few days away ... ZOMG! W00t!

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