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XFPS RateUp emerges for PlayStation 3, includes sensitivity adjustments

Darren Murph

Believe it or not, it's been over a year since Team Xtender's XFPS for Xbox 360 was released and lambasted for its sketchy handling of mice inputs. Thankfully, it seems the crew got the message, and has attempted to remedy the issue on its latest contraption, the XFPS RateUp for PS3. According to IGN, this device includes the same keyboard / mouse-to-console capabilities, but throws in a pair of much needed adjustment wheels that "add an additional 16-levels of X and Y axis sensitivity for dialing in mouse movement." Still, it remains to be seen if PlayStation 3 owners will be willing to fork over a C-note to pick one of these up -- especially considering the unit's native KB / mouse support in some titles -- but on the real, we'd hold off for a review even if you're currently tempted.

[Via IGN]

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