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Check for HD before RSVP-ing that Superbowl party

Steven Kim

Okay, everybody knows the Superbowl is going to move a lot of HDTVs (and maybe HD DVD players as well), and we've even done our PSA on how to make sure you're watching the game in HD. But our HD zeal puts us on the fringe of public opinion, right? Not so, true believers -- a survey conducted by Comcast shows that almost half of those polled will make an effort to see the game in HD. That's right, with 52% of men (and 41% of women) making a little extra effort to see it in HD, you're in good company. Better yet, with 43% saying they'd be more likely to attend an HD Super Bowl party than a non-HD one, you don't need to feel like a heel when your RSVP includes questions like "Will it be in HD?" As a good citizen, please show restraint when asking about the gear to be used for the viewing, however.

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