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Warning: Be wary of offensive Wii games

Candace Savino

If you frequent video game blogs or boards, you've probably heard about the Fox News debacle that was sparked by the "pornography" in the game Mass Effect. Wired decided to poke fun (or jab sarcasm) at the alarmist network, pointing out a few other games that should raise hysteria among the stick-up-their-butt crowd.

And no, we're not talking Manhunt 2 or the newly announced Saw games. We're talking about the really dangerous games, like Super Mario Galaxy, Endless Ocean, and Geometry Wars (as well as some games from other consoles).

We won't spoil the whole feature, but to steal an excerpt, this is why Fox News should fear Geometry Wars: "Geometry is math. Math leads to science. Science leads to lies. Thus, Geometry Wars directly indoctrinates our children into the evolutionary lie that we're all descended from homosexual monkeys. Naked homosexual monkeys. We recommend instead the game Intelligent Design Wars, which is just like Geometry Wars, except that the credits read, "We don't know who made this. (But it was probably God.)"

We couldn't agree more. Won't someone think of the children?

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