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Eidos confirms plans for Just Cause 2 in 2008

Jason Dobson

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With an investor coup and plummeting stock to worry about, investing in sequels to already average properties would seem to be one of the last things on the mind of Eidos parent SCi Entertainment. The game world, however, seldom subscribes to our own brand of logic, as Eidos has announced plans to revisit one of its non-entities in Avalanche Studios' Just Cause, a decidedly tepid – and altogether brief – stunt-focused action game that managed to parachute below most players' collective radar in 2006.

Set for release later this year for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, the game will once again cast players in the role of vigilante Rico Rodriguez, this time taking him out of the Caribbean and into the fictional island country of Panau in South East Asia. Of course, more over-the-top action and stunts are promised, though if Eidos was unable to make players care about the franchise the first time around, we doubt that "the same but more of it" is enough of a tag line to make anyone but the most ardent action fans blink in the game's general direction.

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