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Rock Band DLC for March revealed in OXM ad


According to X3F, who heard it from Megatonik, who saw it on ScoreHero, who cribbed it from scans on GameFaqs, OXM like totally printed all the Rock Band DLC for March in its new issue. We've confirmed the tracks are revealed in an advertisement for Xbox Live that was placed by Microsoft. There's no mention of prices, but if March releases follow the general trend, it should be 440 MS points ($5.50) for a pack and 160 MS point ($2) for a single song.

Week of March 4: Thrash Pack
  • Blinded By Fear - At The Gates
  • Thrasher - Evile
  • Shadow World - Haunted
Week of March 11:
  • Shooting Star - Bad Company *Cover*
  • Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Message In A Bottle - Police
Week of March 18: Nine Inch Nails Pack
  • March Of The Pigs
  • The Collector
  • The Perfect Drug
Week of Mar. 25: Metal Pack
  • Wrathchild - Ironmaiden *Cover*
  • Supernaut - Black Sabbath *Cover*
  • Fuel - Metallica
That's great ... now about February?

Update: An MTV/Harmonix spokesperson tells Shacknews this is a tentative schedule, saying, "Please stay tuned for confirmation of Rock Band DLC closer to their release."

[Via X3F]

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