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VUDU beams out v1.2 update, enables HD streaming

Darren Murph

Merely a day after the Apple TV (take 2) update was delayed, VUDU has apparently beamed out the v1.2 update for its self-titled set-top-box. According to users who have successfully downloaded it, the new build reportedly enables HD streaming and adds a new "Instant HD" speed setting along with a "Constant Audio" setting to "fix the popping issues" that some folks are experiencing. According to NA9D over at the VUDU user forums, the update has also made 64 (give or take a few) HD titles available for viewing (all are rental only at the moment, save for the third Bourne Identity), and while some of them are said to be new releases, some supposedly go back as far as 1972. For anyone with a VUDU STB in their abode, feel free to check things out and give us an idea of available titles in comments below.

[Thanks, Brian S.]

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