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Wii Warm Up: Worth $50?


We didn't think much of Michael Pachter's suggestion about selling the Wii without Wii Sports at a fifty dollar discount, and from the comments, you didn't either. There just doesn't seem to be much reason to change anything when the consoles don't sit on shelves long enough to get comfortable. But what we really wanted to consider this morning is a slightly different question: is Wii Sports worth $50? Sure, for a lot of us, it gets just as much play as our more hardcore games, especially when there are extra people in the house. The same friends who used to set up extra televisions and drag over their 360s for a few in-room sessions of Halo team play now just move the table and do a little bowling instead. It's fun and engaging, and even our nongaming friends don't usually mind joining in for a few rounds. Even we Wii Fanboys here are sometimes surprised by how successful the Wii has been with the people we know, and Wii Sports is a big part of that. But even with all of that taken into consideration, do you think Wii Sports is worth the price of a new, non-budget title?

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