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Enchanting market balancing act

Alex Ziebart

Drysc, in response to a fledgling prophet, just made an interesting announcement regarding Enchanting, and certainly one that most people will love.

Every 24 hours, an Enchanter will be able to split a Void Crystal into two Large Prismatic Shards. Good stuff! At least, for most people. I'll admit, my main is an enchanter and I'll miss tossing a handful of Large Prismatics on the auction house for 30 gold a pop every day or two just to line my pockets. In all honesty, though, that was a bit ridiculous and while I usually tried to give my guildmates a hand with shards, I always felt bad when they had to hit the auction house for their materials.

The price of Void Crystals will receive a nice boost from this as well, which is a good thing. With the abundance of epics in the Burning Crusade, the price of Void Crystals just tanked more and more every day. It seems the devs are working on a few others things to help out crystal prices, too. Right now, there's very little to take Void Crystals out of the market, so that will definitely be welcome, all depending on their methods. Like I said before, my inner enchanter weeps at the impending dive of shard prices, but its a possibility the rebalancing of Void Crystals will even that out. One can hope!

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